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Why Does Everyone Hate Wesley Crusher
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why does everyone hate wesley crusher

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    Why Does Everyone Hate Wesley Crusher So Much

    jan 2004 page seeking answers join the anandtech community where nearly halfamillion members share solutions and discuss the latest tech

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    What Was So Evil About Wesley Crusher Cafe Society

    On numerous occasions wesleys access to vital ship functions nearly caused a disaster furthermore its the whole kid genius cliche the writers think itd be cutesywutesy to have a kid save the ship and so they do no matter how stupid or idiotic of a plot they

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    Why Do So Many People Have A Hateboner For Wesley Crusher

    dec 2012 yeah the hate of wesley hasnt passed on to hate of the actor like it sometimes does As for the character everyones covered it pretty well gary stu makes some characters superfluous no real personality and the bits you do see are kind of annoying and walking deus Ex machina for both starting and resolving problems

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    Why Did People Hate Wesley Crusher On Star Trek I Thought

    may 2009 why did people hate wesley crusher on star trek thought he was cute update remember back when the show was on and would watch it every week to see him was sad when he wasnt on the show early fifties goober doo he was the stale pause in the conversation as everyone seemed to have to talk around or down to him It is not the

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    From Everywhere And Nowhere Wesley Crusher The Rant

    jul 2012 the academy starts to hate wesley crusher too revoking a years worth of academic credits which for wesley was should have been all the credits actually by that episode everyone hated wesley crusher including wesley crusher will concede that by this point wesley had started to become more of a real character

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    Unpopular Opinion Wesley Crusher Is A Great Character

    apr 2017 unpopular opinion wesley crusher Is great character everyone likes to hate on wesley crusher even captain picard the symbol for all things moral in this cold dark universe

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    Why Does Everyone Hate Wesley Fandom

    wesley appeared mainly in the first seasons of tng when the show was still looking for itself So it makes sense that his character had flaws seen in perspective it was the first time in star trek that there was a child as part of the regular characters so think that the writers needed some time to experiment

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    Niassne The Most Asinine Things Why I Hate Wil Wheaton

    feb 2013 So all in all that was a win but it also got me to consider why do hate wil wheaton So did a little soul searching and included my findings below first of course was wesley crusher a character portrayed by wil wheton man hated wesley what you dont know who wesley crusher was seriously this is the last time

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    Wesley Crusher Memory Alpha Fandom

    lieutenant junior grade wesley crusher was the gifted son of starfleet officers lieutenant commander jack crusher and doctor beverly crusher He spent several years aboard the uss enterprised and three years at starfleet academy his starfleet career already turned sour by a scandal at the academy was cut short when he renounced ties with the ufp and became a protege of the

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    Was Wesley Crusher So Hated Because Of The Way That He

    dec 2019 writing wil from my answer to another similar question answer to why does everyone hate wesley crusher wesley was introduced as an aspirational character for younger viewers the idea being that all the young but highly intelligent kid

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    Robot Chicken Skewers Wesley Crusher Wil Wheaton

    jul 2009 wesley hate the skit the premise of the joke was how the star trek the next generation writers were going to deal with the unpopularity of the character of wesley crusher

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    Star Trek 5 Reasons Wesley Crusher Doesnt Deserve The Hate

    poor wesley crusher the character is possibly the most maligned in all of star trek his name elicits immediate derision from every corner of the trek universe and one is more likely to find a

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  • image450-crush-49

    Wil Wheaton Is Apparently Done With Wesley Crusher

    may 2019 that said wesley crusher does have a few fans out there as was evidenced this past weekend at awesome con in washington DC As reported by trek movie wheaton took part in a next generation panel and qampa with fellow trek alums jonathan frakes

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    5 Reasons Wesley Crusher Doesnt Deserve The Hate Its

    oct 2013 reasons wesley crusher doesnt deserve the hate the next generation to try and find ways that wesley crusher was not so awful and was able to scrape together a list full of backhanded compliments and thinly veiled snark that proves why wes was not quite as horrible as everyone thinks

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    Wil Wheaton Says Tng Reunion Is Like Quotcoming Homequot

    may 2012 even doctor who had its own wesley crusherjar jar binks think poor matthew waterhouse must have gone through the same thing as an actor enjoyed tng well enough but didnt watch it often enough to warrant a deepseated hate of wesley crusher although do remember finding the episodes that featured him heavily to be incredibly boring

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    Why Do People Hate Wesley Crusher Page 2 The Trek Bbs

    aug 2010 dont think this hatred of wesley crusher should be analysed from an inuniverse perspective while the writing was less than stellar in most of season wil wheaton was really dealt the worst hand first impressions are crucial and wesley crusher often was the weakest link in some of the earlier tng episodes eg Im with starfleet

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    10 Things I Hate About Wil Wheaton A Sonnet By

    sep 2017 hate your perfect starfleet hair and how you want picard to be your dad hate your naive ensign stare and that time you crushed on a girl alien reeeeal bad hate the fact that wesley crusher was the only part you ever really seemed to play hate the way you dissed beyond and got all smart about jaylahs nonexistent lack of agency

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  • image450-hammer-4

    What Was The General Contemporary Reaction To Wesley

    know that hate wesley crusher from star trek the next generationhe is by far the most annoying character in my opinion ive also heard from others that he wasnt very well liked the memory alpha page on wesley provides this quote wesley crusher also has the distinction of being one of scifis most hated characters

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    Top 5 Most Annoying Wesley Crusher Moments For Me

    may 2015 wesley gets the story the enterprise is orbiting a planet experiencing severe geological changes and wesley is put in charge of the science team to help further his studies well OK can buy that the problem wesley decides to have a certain scan run and the other officers make lame excuses to not do it and make wesley feel insecure

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    The Star Trek Picard Cast Just Grew Is Wesley Crusher

    may 2020 It sounds as if production has already talked to wil wheaton about coming to be part of star trek picard and it seems unlikely he would say no wheaton has never been one to shy away from his star trek fame however it does not sound as if wesley crusher is intended to arrive on set for the second season

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    Top 5 Star Trek Characters Everyone Hatesexcept Me

    jul 2015 though he does have his fans have never heard anyone try to defend drpulaski just a god awful character and ive already discussed wesley crusher however as look over lists of hated characters have noticed that there some characters that most if not everyone hates and cant understand why

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    Why Do People Not Like Wil Wheaton Code Name Steam

    dont think to highly of him mainly because of his overthetop hatred a possible exaggeration on my part of wesley crusher who wasnt that bad of a character as far as can recall actually dont think he hates wesley crusher He hates a lot of the writing the character got and justifiably so

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    Patrick Stewart Returns As Picard To Lead New Star Trek

    aug 2019 why does everyone hate wesley so much click to expand liked wesley crusher and was disappointed when they wrote him ou of the series vince towel champion supporter joined sep 2011 messages 3609 aug 2019 160 cathbad said why does everyone hate wesley so much

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  • image450-mill-70

    Watch Wil Wheaton The Jar Jar Binks Of Star Trek From

    nov 2010 wil wheaton doesnt hate wesley crusher He hates how the character was written by bad writers especially in the first season just read his book memories of the future Vo

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  • image450-powder-113

    Wil Wheaton Talks Growing Up On Star Trek As Actor And

    star treks wil wheaton isnt yet the man who played next generation boy genius wesley crusher opens up about his favorite behindthescenes moments and

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  • image450-dryer-84

    Cooperwheaton War The Big Bang Theory Wiki Fandom

    cooper vs wheaton the cooperwheaton war was a series of confrontations between sheldon cooper and star trek the next generation star wil wheatonits origins could be traced back to the 1995 dixie star trek convention where sheldon suffered a ourlong bus journey of personal torment only to find that wheaton was not in attendancethis infuriated sheldon who vowed revenge

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    Wil Wheaton The Big Bang Theory Wiki Fandom

    wil wheaton born richard william wheaton iii on july 1972 burbank california first gained attention by starring in the rob reiner teenage film stand By Me 1986 He then played wesley crusher on the television series star trek the next generation 1987 for three and onequarter seasons wheaton is married to anne price and lives in arcadia california with her and her two sons

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  • image450-crush-100

    Treknobabble Top 5 Trek Wesley Crusher Episodes

    young wesley crusher gets a lot of grief from trek fandom but besides wil wheaton seeming like a cool guy and a good podcaster think wesley crusher the character gets a bad rap for one thing can see what roddenberry was up to in creating him He serves two functions

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    Nostalgic Impulse In Defense Of Wesley Crusher Pop

    jul 2013 wesley taught me about hard work He failed his first attempt at passing the starfleet entrance exams coming of age the next time he was due to complete the exams he passed the written but failed to take the oral as he was off saving riker deanna and lwaxana nage troi you know as you do finally he earned his place at starfleet academy final mission

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    2993707 Wesley Crusher Is Apparently A Douche

    wesley crushers niche should have been in engineering preferably inside the warp core during a restart wil wheaton seems like a decent guyfor a godless commieloving liberal why does wil hate america just kidding wil

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  • image450-crush-54

    Wesley Crusher

    why you love to hate wesley crusher clearly this is a character set up as a hook for all the tiny teenage geeks watching star trek the next generation hey says the PR guy we dont have someone for the kiddies who of course are going to be a main audience for our pm timeslot

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  • image450-impact-128

    What Does Roseanne Say About Dan On The Last Episode Of

    jul 2009 but the more wrote the more understood myself and why had made the choices made and that was the real jackpot learned that dreams dont work without action learned that no one could stop me but me learned that love is stronger than hate and most important learned that god does

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