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What Could Have Made Wesley Crusher A Lot More Bearable To The Audiences
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what could have made wesley crusher a lot more bearable to the audiences

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    Star Trek The Next Generation What Could Have Been

    jonathan frakes fought hard to have his love interest for the episode be played by a man, but was ultimately unsuccessful. everyone knows about blood and fire but another episode with similar themes was planned. It involved wesley crusher making friends with an alien cadet named los who was from a species who could change sex at will.

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    The Trek Nation Final Mission

    since wesley has to have some use, and dirgo has to be disposed of without murder, we get a lot more arbitrary, unexplained plot points. obviously a very sophisticated culture must have colonized

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    Wil Wheaton On Star Trek Tng Blurays And Wesley The

    We chat with wil wheaton about the remastery of star trek tng for blu-ray, being a geek on the set of a sci-fi show, and the one way he would want to play wesley crusher again.

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    Help Can Someone Explain To Me The Whole Wesley Crusher

    jan 31, 2003 movie talk help can someone explain to me the whole wesley crusherstar trek thing. enjoy the star trek films, watched a few episodes of the next generation show, just got back from nemesis. am confused to why the character of wesley crusher played by will wheaton was not on display in the other films and

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    Essential Seven Wesley Crusher Fails Millionaireplayboy

    wesley crusher from star trek the next generation receives a lot of hate from trekkies. maybe it was the fact that he was a kid piloting a galaxy class starship. could also argue that the writers didnt care for the character either. On the show wesley was often the cause of a lot

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    Star Trek Nemesis 2002 Star Trek Nemesis 2002

    wesley crusher was traveller able to reach through the confines of time and space which also includes weddings apparently. He could have gone on board enterprise and had them on remus in about a second yet no mention was made of his powers, abilities or relationships.

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  • image450-crush-39

    9642100 Did Anyone Know Wesley Crusher Was

    If they had featured a flashback scene with hardy as picard then it would have made more sense. worse was when they ret-coned picard so that he was completely bald by like, 16. can only assume that they felt audiences were so stupid that seeing a picture

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    15 Star Trek Memes That Prove Tng Makes No Sense Screenrant

    worf and troi, the ship everyone wanted to sink. there have been more infuriating relationships in star trek history chakotay and seven spring to mind, but these two are always in the running for worst pairing in any star trek romance debate and there are several good reasons for that.. first of all, troi was worfs sons counselor, and so by extension, worfs.

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  • image450-ball-117

    The 10 Most Regrettably Missing Movie Scenes Of All Time

    mar 31, 2008 wesley crushers first alien encounter in the last starfighter wil wheatons done a lot to defuse the enduring hatred star trek fans have for wesley crusher. for starters, hes stayed close to nerd culture by writing about ancient arcade games for the onion, releasing a few books, and maintaining a blog that we find hard to hate.

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  • image450-crush-56

    In Which A Trading Card Is Autographed Ruined Saved And

    nov 28, 2012 So you start to turn the line into sunglasses, and when youre drawing the second lens, you realize that maybe you should have just turned it into an eye patch, because that would make wesley crusher cool like snake plissken. man, should have made this an eyepatch, you say, because sunglasses are so pedestrian.

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  • image450-mobile-106

    The Star Trek The Next Generation Episode That Gene

    oct 08, 2020 would say that there are few trekkies in the world who dont appreciate star trek the next generation at all. the show not only gave us many

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  • image450-powder-93

    How Would You Reboot Tng Page 2 The Trek Bbs

    feb 05, 2016 michael dorn as wesley crusher gates mcfadden as jean-luc picard doubt that could be made today it was barely made then, a lot of the producers and writers being somewhat resentful of roddenberrys confines. their adventures should make them a bit more humble. everyone should have a healthy sex life, including geordi laforge. his

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  • image450-dryer-42

    Casting For Voyager The Trek Bbs

    feb 05, 2018 hallodoc perfect tom paris, excellent the neelix character could have been a little deeper, not so much focus on food and spices. would eliminate character of kes becasue Im usually not a big fan of the magical powers characters unless it is offset by other factors a la wesley crusher

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  • image450-making-39

    Star Trek The Next Generation Making Sure That History

    wesley crusher wil wheaton As though confirmation that television viewers hate the brainiac child genius character on science-fiction shows were needed in the late early star trek the next generation brought us dr. crushers young son wesley. shame it was that the series writers simply just did not seem to know what the

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    The Dauphin Episode Memory Alpha Fandom

    wesley crushers superconductor magnet prop, slightly modified, appears again in voy prime factors as the spatial trajector matrix. the electronic chess game seen in wesley crushers quarters was a modern props rental that had been made for robocop as the nukem board game from the in-movie commercial.

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  • image450-hammer-5

    8 Casting Decisions That Saved Star Trek The Next

    mar 22, 2018 not even the crew of the enterprise in-universe have much patience for wesley crusher. star trek creator gene roddenberry originally envisioned the character as a self-insertaudience point of view character. hes a bright young man just starting out on his career in star fleet and hes assigned to the enterprise to learn from the best.

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  • image450-grinding-85

    Star Trek Tng Guinans 10 Wisest Life Lessons Ranked

    dec 27, 2020 guinan might have been a bit character on star trek the next generation, but she was also an open window by which the writers could introduce life lessons into the show. her excellent listening abilities and calming personality made her easy for starfleet officers to confide in, regardless of their rank on the ship.

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  • image450-crush-130

    Did Wesley Crusher Annoy U Why Page 3 Science

    dec 01, 2004 well, its not that dont have tv, its that cant pick up any stations here and my mother doesnt want to get dish. live in new york, in the middle of nowhere.

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  • image450-powder-113

    Wolfes Den Sttng Wesleyitis Blogger

    jan 27, 2017 though think we can all agree the phrase shut up wesley shouldve cropped up much more often. seriesdate 1.19 coming of age its a good thing youre cute, wesley, or you could really be obnoxious. So sayeth the first of wesleys one-episode love interests. already discussed here but wanted to add that this particular line grabbed

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  • image450-jaw-96

    Star Trek All Incarnations General Chitchat Page 12

    jonathan archer not awful as such but have to include him as hes clearly the worst captain of the bunch. tpau bad portrayal of a vulcan by a bad actress. harry kim basically an adult wesley crusher, but less interesting timeless aside lwaxana troi agree that she is just cringeworthy.

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  • image450-dryer-22

    Annoying Characters That Almost Ruined Great Tv Shows

    apr 18, 2020 writer and creator jenji kohan realized the show was doomed if it continued to focus on piper, so she shifted the attention to the far more interesting other inmates at litchfield penitentiary. one fan commented, dont think they could have made her piper any more insufferable if they tried. watched the show for the supporting characters.

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  • image450-coal-1

    Star Trek The Next Generation Series Tv Tropes

    star trek the next generation is a science fiction show created by gene roddenberry as part of the star trek franchise. the show ran from 1987 to 1994 in first-run syndication, and proved to be one of the most successful shows ever to be offered through that distribution method.set in the century, about ninety years after the original series, the program features a new crew, new

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  • image450-crush-95

    Wheaton Took Heat For Crusher Trektoday

    dec 07, 2010 although he took heat and criticism while playing the part of wesley crusher in the star trek the next generation days, wil wheaton is proud of his star trek experience. one of the toughest

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  • image450-crush-20

    What Are The Special Abilities Of Wesley Crusher

    the traveler returns in two episodes after his original season appearance once, to help wesley rescue Dr crusher from a warp bubble he had created by accident remember Me season and the second time to apparently lead wesley away and teach him the knowledge of the travelers species journeys end season

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  • image450-crush-80

    Why Wesley Crushers Near Execution Is Never Far From

    jul 29, 2016 the fact that this happened to wesley crusher made it all the more meaningful. know now that wesley crusher wasnt exactly beloved by star trek fans, but was a kid, and watching him on that ship was like getting to be on it myself. dont know, its possible as an adult Id feel differently about his character if the show came on

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  • image450-crush-130

    Wesley Crusher Is Allegedly Returning For Star Trek

    wesley crusher hasnt made his way back yet and wasnt really expected to in season according to christian bone of We got this covered, but its a belief that he will be making an

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  • image450-crush-71

    Star Trek Lot Cadet Wesley Crusher And The Benzite

    details about star trek lot cadet wesley crusher and the benzite vintage tng 1993. so am unable to combine international orders after payment has been made. qualifying purchases could enjoy No interest if paid in full in months on purchases of or more

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  • image450-crush-118

    5 Reasons The Next Generation Is The Best Star Trek Series

    aug 21, 2019 the next generation has some incredible characters, and fans still debate whether or not picard is a better captain than kirk, but it also had plenty of characters that fans found to be boring or annoying, like wesley crusher and deanna troi. the original series, on the other hand, had a stellar cast of characters with no dead weight, all of whom remain compelling years later.

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  • image450-impact-109

    Unforgettable Characters Of Popular 90s Series Fame10

    may 08, 2019 14. hated wesley crusher. In the world of TV today it is common for characters to fall in the hate or love column and often characters are meant to be hated to help the main characters shine more, but that certainly wasnt the intention for wil wheatons wesley crusher

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  • image450-crush-133

    Why Do People Hate Wesley Crusher Page 4 The Trek Bbs

    aug 22, 2010 On a more serious note, agree with the previous post that points out how wesley could have been used to remind picard of the tragedy of jack crushers death. that would be a much more interesting reason for picard to mentor the boy instead of the whole traveller storyline.

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  • image450-mobile-89

    Literary Analysis Are Any Of The Characters In Harry

    dvk his character would be a lot more bearable if they would only acknowledge he may be twinkly-eyed and grandfatherly, but hes also a fanatic who doesnt mind sacrificing the innocent because their souls are clean, and can justify anything in the name of the greater good. megha jan at 153

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  • image450-flotation-25

    One Small Part Of A Pretty Great Life Wil Wheaton Dot Net

    dec 16, 2013 yes, there was a lot of scrutiny brought upon wesley crusher and it must have been difficult at times to separate the sentiment towards the character and your own performance as an actor. this would have been difficult for any actor to manage, let alone a

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