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From the Kö to ALT via the most beautiful buildings of the Old Town

denkmalgeschützte Häuser in  der Altstadt A combined walking tour about the history of the Kö, the listed buildings of the Old Town and ALT and the time honoured breweries

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Media Mile. The creative Harbour

Medienhafen Düsseldorf Outstanding contemporary architecture ...
... used by the media, fashion, design, art, advertising und gastronomy characterises Düsseldorf’s progressive business mile.

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Alt Beer. A Düsseldorf Success Story.

Rundgang zum Thema Altbier  

A cheery walk – everything about ALT – anecdotes and a guided tour of a brewery followed by a delicious ALT.

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The History and the Art History of the most beautiful buildings in the Old Town

die schönsten Häuser der Altstadt  
Listed buildings adorn the old town and give it a really special flair.

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for our discerning


Dinner on the Run

  Top Events

Come with us on a culinary excursion through various cultures.





Literary Dinner

  Literary Dinner

An indulgent package for you, your body and soul





Wine Appreciation Course

  Wine Appreciation Course

Do you know which wine should be drunk with meat, with fish or with pasta?
Then come to us. Our wine appreciation course will teach you all about wine.




Event Projects


  Lectures are suitable for special occasions. We offer topics on history, art, architecture, the business world, etc.




Rally (on foot) through the Old Town

  Altstadt Düsseldorf
  “Learning about history is child’s play” is the motto of this rally (on foot) through the lanes of the Old Town.




Cookery event – an event for the senses

  Altstadt DüsseldorfCookery event
  You will be spoilt with food and drink from various cultures.


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