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Cookery event – an event for the senses !

Cookery event Have you ever indulged in a little cookery with your colleagues or business partners?

You will learn the art of cookery in a specially selected venue.

Helped by practical tips from the chef in person, you will prepare a delicious meal, using various exotic ingredients, and will enjoy your “culinary achievement” together afterwards.

Whether a staff outing, an event for clients, a family celebration or just meeting up with friends – cooking, eating and drinking together unites.



Vortrag Lectures are suitable for special occasions.

We offer topics from history, art, architecture, business, etc. We provide well-prepared lectures tailored to your needs.

Choose from our list: Electress Anna Maria Louisa, Düsseldorf Women, Düsseldorf Traditions And Customs Throughout The Year, Heinrich Heine, Düsseldorf As Mirrored By Its Companies, Jakobe von Baden, The Most Beautiful Buildings In The Old Town, etc.


Rally (on foot) through the Old Town

Event Altstadtrallye “Learning about history is child’s play” is the motto of this rally (on foot) through the lanes of the Old Town.
You get to meet people because you always have to ask your way, and it is really great fun.

A break to enjoy a cold ALT (the top-fermented local beer) and the prize presentation will round off this event. You will always remember it fondly.

Altstadt Düsseldorf  

What we offer is this:

1. Formulation clues for the rally (on foot)
2. Realisation
3. City map
4. Checking the answer sheet
5. Presentation of the certificates

The Old Town rally (on foot) costs € 21,00 per person (e.g. for a group of 25 people – further prices on request).


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Cookery event – an event for the senses




Rally (on foot) through the Old Town





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