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Image Campaign

Stand Imagekampagne You want to pep up your company, your association, your club.


Use our experience. Let us develop a concept for you and together we will come up with just the right publicity for your company.

Power Pänz Our image campaign will be exclusive to your company and will directly address your desired clientele.







Street Party

Stratßenfest Grünau A festival for both young and old. A multi-cultural area is celebrating its jubilee.
Strassenfest Zuschauer   Strassenfest Bauchtanz
Strassenfest Clown   Attractions like bouncy castles, face painting, clowns modelling balloons and badge painting make this event especially attractive to children.





Transparent Strassenfest A street party is always great fun for young and old.



Kinderschminken   Hüpfburg
Kinderschminken Clowns, bouncy castles, games and face painting for the children and music for the adults help to draw neighbours together and strengthen community relations.



Gitarrist Band
Zuschauer Straßenfest  




Staff Outing

Führung durch die Altstadt A pleasant day with your employees with an unusual programme, exciting experiences and delicious meals.


In our opinion, every participant will have pleasant memories of this staff outing, planned down to the last detail.

Restaurant Schwämme We are well versed in organising and seeing through staff outings in all of North-Rhine Westphalia and in the Benelux states.


We are sure we can offer you tailor-made staff outings.





Christmas Party

You want to celebrate the past year with your staff.

What we offer for your Christmas Party are:

unusual IDEAS
a stylish VENUE
a fantastic PROGRAMME
perfect SERVICE, etc.


Let’s discuss it.

Together with you, we will plan the celebration with which you wish to acknowledge the achievements of your staff.

In this way, you can end your business year in pleasant company.


Class Reunions

Klassentreffen Meeting up again after many years.


Many questions must be answered:

Will I recognise my classmates, what academic and professional paths did they take, how have their lives been?

Question upon question! They all require answers.

We will plan your class reunion together with you.

Would you like to go on a City Tour together or enjoy an amusing rally (on foot)?

Should it be a reunion in a pleasant restaurant or rather an exhilarating ball?

Let’s discuss it.

An interesting programme in a pleasant atmosphere gives you the opportunity to remember the ‘good, old times’.

Class Reunion– you should not miss it.



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for our discerning


Dinner on the Run

  Top Events

Come with us on a culinary excursion through various cultures.





Literary Dinner

  Literary Dinner

An indulgent package for you, your body and soul





Wine Appreciation Course

  Wine Appreciation Course

Do you know which wine should be drunk with meat, with fish or with pasta?
Then come to us. Our wine appreciation course will teach you all about wine.




Event Projects


  Lectures are suitable for special occasions. We offer topics on history, art, architecture, the business world, etc.




Rally (on foot) through the Old Town

  Altstadt Düsseldorf
  “Learning about history is child’s play” is the motto of this rally (on foot) through the lanes of the Old Town.




Cookery event – an event for the senses

  Altstadt DüsseldorfCookery event
  You will be spoilt with food and drink from various cultures.


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David Kirchgäßner
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